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Shoes Bonanza
Nagoya Prime Central Parking 1F, 2-27-6 Meieki Nishi-ku
(Just a five minute walk from Nagoya Station)

Tue-Fri 13:00~20:00, Sat, Sun 10:00~18:00
Closed on Mon

(052) 564-5900



A review of shoes Bonanza from NagMag(Nov.2014)
Shoes Bonanza makes shoes that fit your feet!

If you are like many foreigners shopping around for a nice pair of shoes you are more often than not stuck thinking about The Grinch:
“It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his (er… shoes…) were two sizes too small.”
As for me, I hate shopping almost as much as The Grinch hated Christmas – that’s because buying shoes in Japan for me is like not being invited to a big party – there’s so much to choose from that doesn’t fit me.
Then I heard about Shoes Bonanza. Located near Nagoya Station, they custom make shoes to fit your foreigner-sized feet. And these shoes can be any style you like. You can even design your own. For businessmen or businesswomen who want a nice pair of shoes that look great and feel great this is a dream come true.
For women, wearing heels all day can be a painful experience. Shoes Bonanza’s custom pairs are tailored to suit the unique size and shape of your feet, so are comfortable all day long.
Another aspect that makes Shoe Bonanza so special is that they focus on quality and service. Any shoe they make for you can be brought back for repair or just tidying up.
The shoemakers here make use of a variety of the finest materials, including leather from Hida in Gifu prefecture, world-famous for the taste and texture of it’s beef. Some of the characteristics that make Hida beef so tasty also lend an excellent quality to its leather. Gifu being a neighboring prefecture to Aichi, Shoes Bonanza is proud to use a local product.
Shoes Bonanza also sells custom made bags. They have a nice selection of hand made bags to choose from, and like your shoes you can also have one made by design to fit whatever style you need.
So if you need a nice pair of shoes that will last, check out the hand made footwear at Shoes Bonanza. You’ll be glad you did!

How to Order

Shoes Bonanza will measure the size of your feet for a great fit, and you can choose your design, color, materials (a variety of the finest leathers), and sole with their friendly craftspeople’s advice. After this, you can get an estimate of the cost and order. Two weeks later, you have a sample fitting to see if you are happy with the shoe size, and can change some parts such as heels and materials according to your taste. Your perfectly-fitting handcrafted shoes will be ready in about three weeks. The back of the shoes say “Made in Nagoya”, so they make great souvenirs.

Craft School

If you are interested in making your own shoes or bags by yourself, Shoes Bonanza has a craft school that gives lessons on how to design and make shoes and bags. They have various courses, ranging from beginner to advanced level. You’ll get a diploma when you complete the advanced level course; you can be a shoemaker too!